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ABT is all about providing you with objective and insightful information. As every small business owner will know, information is key to every decision they make, and every decision is important. Not all information is of interest and relevant to each and every small business owner, and as such we are going to package it in the form of a FREE TO READ blog for you. A blog is easily navigated thanks to the categories and easy to read format. I trust the posts will provide you with the inspiration, knowledge and insight you need to make that next decision.

Posts will be uploaded every Monday and Wednesday Morning.

Enjoy the reading and don’t forget to comment and share.


I am speaking to all entrepreneurs but want to specifically focus on those of us that have worked for a salary and are switching to or have switched to becoming an entrepreneur. For those of you that haven't figured it out yet an entrepreneur is the one occupation no...

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Vehicle Signage

I have often wondered about the actual value of signwriting on vehicles and if there is a way to quantify or put a value to it. My research into the costs of this has shown that signwriting a vehicle can cost anything from a few hundred rand to upwards of R10 000....

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