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Whether you are methodical and great at planning or just someone who flies by the seat of their pants, part of owning a business and starting a business involves planning. Now many of us can get stuck on planning and end up spending months just dreaming, preparing marketing material and all round procrastinating. And don’t feel bad, it is really easy to procrastinate when you have something to do while you are doing it. I once spent a day working on how my email signature should look, or took a month playing with a website and stationery. Don’t get me wrong, all of these are important, but you must not forget the most important thing you need to do as an entrepreneur and that is to make money!

Now of course we are talking about balancing and most of starting a business is balance. Balancing things like stock levels versus capital, or employees and customers. Most of your decisions in the beginning of a business are ones that end up setting standards for how your business is going to work. So, these decisions are very important and could become the accepted standard in the life of your business. You will never get them all right and you need to make peace with that. Only then can you forget about the negative consequences and make decisions with your heart and mind.

Take this website for example, since starting this article it has taken me three weeks to get to this sentence. Ironically this is the one post I procrastinated on most of all, and strangely enough this is the article I NEED to write most of all. You see whether you are like me and are held back by fear or any other reason, the willingness to succeed is what ultimately decides your fate. I once read a saying by an obviously wise person that said, Success comes from being excited about a new venture even if numerous ones have failed before it.

To fear is human and is expected. The excitement of a new business does come and go, all you must do is remember when it is gone, is that it will come again. What I battle with most about the articles like this is that it all sounds too simple on paper and that is purely because it is easy… on paper. In a sense it is supposed to be easy on paper, it is what helps you when you feel like it is impossible. I would bet that most entrepreneurs at some point in their lives have struggled with the same thing. Look for inspiration around you, talk to other entrepreneurs and take solace in the fact that you are not alone.

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