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  • You are taking control of your destiny
  • Writing your own paychecks
  • Working your own hours
  • Being your own boss
  • And on and on and on

So, there it is, how many more clichés we could add to that list. And get used to it, this life you have chosen is all about the clichés! You are going to realize quickly that this life you have chosen will be full of people giving advice, throwing clichés at you and probably making you love and hate your decision, maybe even at the same time.

An entrepreneur is someone who is betting on himself/herself. You have more than likely tried the conventional route, you have most probably had sleepless nights, bitten your nails and taken up smoking. The underlying topic here is stress. Stress has descended on your life. You see, you don’t have a boss setting your schedule anymore, someone telling you what time to start doing something specific and what time to finish. Your productivity is not measured by a graph anymore, just the money in your pocket. Your results don’t get rewarded in an annual bonus or paycheck increase. Your success is now shown in your freedom, be it the freedom to pick the kids up at school every day or the freedom to pay off your house. Embrace the stress, it is your driving force!

One of the best stories I know of an entrepreneur who made a difference in his life from a dramatic start. This man was a contractor who tried his hand at growing his business in all ways. He has tried to raise capital in every way imaginable, and tried diversifying his business to the point where he had vehicles on the road in the service industry as well as a store in the wholesale industry. After being declared bankrupt for the umpteenth time he approached the bank with one last idea (gone are the days of talking to a bank manager about your ideas right). This idea was so bold and so new that it had never been done before. By some miracle the bank gave him a small loan and he used the loan and bought a plot of land and built a house, which he used as a show house to market his idea of a new type of neighborhood. 10 years later that man retired having made more than enough money to spend the rest of his days living like he wanted to. An inspirational story showing us that things don’t always go right and sometimes they get really hard, but we need to always keep on trying. This is the world you are entering now. Live it, enjoy it and never give up. It is that simple… as well as that difficult at the same time.

Knowing what lies ahead will only help you accept failure and deal with success all at the same time. You might not always feel brave and motivated and keen to start another day, but you will because you have to you.

Congratulations on taking this step, you now control your own destiny – my parting cliché for today 🙂

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